Egg Harbor Café Charitable Donations

Egg Harbor Café Charitable Donations

Every year, Egg Harbor Café is pleased to provide hundreds of gift certificates and contributions to silent auctions and raffles that support many charitable organizations in our communities.

Charitable Donation Process

All requests for charitable donations must:

  • Be submitted at least 30 days before the event

  • Be written as a formal solicitation letter

  • Be written on the organization’s letterhead

  • Include the date of the event

  • Include a self-addressed envelope

You are welcome to send a donation request more than 30 days before your charitable event. Please be aware that all early requests will be placed on file, and the certificates will be mailed approximately 30 days before the event.

Mail requests to Egg Harbor Café’s corporate office:

HAMCO, Inc., 300 Village Green, Suite 200, Lincolnshire, IL 60069, Attn: Dillan Harness

Manna Program

Though our Manna fundraising program, charitable organizations can purchase Egg Harbor Cafe gift cards at a reduced rate. The organizations can then sell the gift cards at full value and keep the difference in price for their group.

Learn More: The Manna Group Scrip Company – (847) 202-8442