Careers Paths

A career at Egg Harbor Cafe will teach you top industry skills and leadership qualities.

Many people who begin working at Egg Harbor Cafe learn that they want to build a long-term career with us. All Egg Harbor Cafe managers are promoted from within our hourly ranks, and we have one of the highest employee retention rates in the industry. As you work your way up to restaurant leadership, you’ll enjoy a team spirit, be rewarded for doing a job that you love, and develop yourself both personally and professionally. Motivated employees learn top industry skills and leadership qualities that contribute to the company’s overall success and growth. It’s an awesome ride. Come join us!


Service Team Member

Grow as a member of our service team. Once you learn the menu, the table numbers and Egg Harbor Cafe culture, trying out for our service team is a great opportunity. Serving at Egg Harbor Café is like no other. When we talk about our service teams, we mean team. Whether it be greeting tables, running food, pre-bussing or running sidework, our team members work collaboratively to hit our performance standards. Through our proven service systems we can efficiently serve 1,000 people in an individual restaurant on any given Sunday between 8 am and 2 pm. It’s for these busy times that our service and culinary systems are designed.

Service Team Leader

Developing Leader

Those motivated to do more with Egg Harbor Cafe have the opportunity to develop into the leadership ranks as a team leader. All managers have walked this path, and have full knowledge of the challenges you face. You will learn cutting edge leadership theories, and practice them daily. Effective leadership is not a straight line proposition. It is quite humbling and energizing to inspire motivated people. The team leader role is designed to test your character, your attitude and your emotional intelligence in relating with people and effecting positive outcomes.


Big Picture Person

For those who thrive in a team leader role, Egg Harbor Cafe is always actively seeking to recruit managers. Egg Harbor Cafe is a culture of servant leadership, not bosses. As a co-manager, you work directly with the general manager and three semi-autonomous team leaders of the bus/dish, culinary and service departments. You will go through weeks of culinary training, and some bus/dish training. Our managers all grow to understand each system that makes Egg Harbor Café work as a whole.


Culinary Artist

Breakfast is one of the most challenging forms of food artistry. It takes great timing and technique to create excellent eggs. Egg Harbor Café’s cooks prepare, plate and serve beautiful breakfast and lunch creations in a ten minute athletic drill that is worthy of the all-around best kitchen teams. Hard work in fast-paced Egg Harbor Café kitchens makes our cooks a proud part of winning teams. Advancement opportunities are always available, and our proven systems allow our cook-artists to learn successful kitchen management in a friendly-spirited on-the-job environment.

Kitchen Team Leader

Culinary Leader

Kitchen team leaders orchestrate delicious meals of eggs, pancakes, sandwiches and salads like football quarterbacks lead their teams to the goal line. Finding the right timing, calling out instructions and executing plays is a kitchen team leader’s formula for success. In addition, our kitchen team leaders work with the finest, healthiest ingredients and humanely raised, sustainable food products sourced from local farms and family businesses. As a culinary leader, you’ll have opportunities to create new dishes for daily specials and perhaps our revolving seasonal menus. You will take pride in knowing you are part of something bigger than yourself: When the kitchen team meets and beat expectations. When guests call the restaurant the best of the best. When you teach a new cook how to make egg dishes to perfection. When you understand changing food trends and allergic sensitivities to food, and become a little bit of a hero for those looking for a restaurant that cares.

Always Looking for
a few Good Eggs

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