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Zapps Bread: a Delicious, Healthy Boost


Zapp’s Delicious, Good Carb Bread

Luis Zapp began developing his artisan bread baking process when his father Jorge Zapp, an award-winning scientist, created a healthy bread after being diagnosed with diabetes. Luis patented a unique flavor-infusion baking process for amazing taste and aroma that appeals to discriminating foodies as well as health conscious diners. Here are five great reasons to give Zapp’s bread a try next time you visit Egg Harbor Cafe.

1.Bursting with Flavor
Combining a cutting edge flavor-infusion baking process with the finest ancient grains, Zapp’s Good Carb bread bursts with flavor. Try Egg Harbor Café’s popular Start Smart featuring Zapp’s Dancing Grains bread topped with scrambled eggs, creamy avocado, fresh tomato and low-fat Mozzarella. For a flavorful change of pace, ask to substitute Zapp’s Dancing Grains as a stone-milled alternative to an English muffin.

2.Stabilizing comfort
Zapp’s whole grain, robustly textured bread digests slowly, over six to eight hours, to stabilize your blood sugar and energize your day. Zapp’s Good Carb bread is certified low glycemic and diabetic friendly by the Glycemic Research Institute.

3.The Good Carb Lifestyle
Be part of a fun, free 30-day Good Carb Challenge! Ease into minor nutrition changes that will stick with you and have a big impact over time. Visit Zapp’s website and start to transition your habits week by week over 30 days.

4.Seeds of New Life
The ancient varieties of flax seed in Zapp’s original good carb bread contain all the nutrients needed to grow new life. Zapp’s sources these healthy seeds from organic farms in North Dakota, grinding them into flour as part of their patented stone-milling process.

5.Organic Ingredients, Ethically Sourced
Zapp’s uses only the most wholesome organic ingredients in a holistic approach that integrates social responsibility and environmental awareness. The original good carb bread used at Egg Harbor Café contains organic whole wheat, organic whole barley, organic sprouted wheat and flax seeds that are stone-milled and flavor-infused in Glenview, IL.

Zapp’s Original Good Carb bread is available to purchase by the loaf at all Egg Harbor Café locations. Take home a loaf for $3.99 on your next visit to Egg Harbor Café.