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The Joy in Your Java

Door County Coffee and Tea, a micro-roaster in the heart of Door County, Wisconsin, has been sourcing our fantastic flavored coffees since 2011. But who is Door County Coffee and why did we choose their coffee to serve our valued guests? Stick around for Door County Coffee 101!

Who is Door County Coffee and Tea?

Throughout the week, just 10 miles south of the town of Egg Harbor, WI, Door County Coffee and Tea gifts its community with the magical smell of baking coffee beans. The brain child of founder Vicki Wilson in 1993, Door County Coffee has grown from its humble beginnings to now reaching coffee fans all around the globe.


Located in Door County, Wisconsin

Special Processes for a Special Bean

From blossom to bag, each step in the coffee production process is handled with utmost care. Quality is concern #1, which is why we source coffee beans graded in the top 2% of all coffee beans produced in the world. You’ll find only Specialty Grade 1 Arabica beans in a Door County Coffee bag.

Growing coffee is very labor intensive with little automation possible. This allows small family-owned farms throughout the Coffee Belt to be successful. Door County Coffee partners with farms around the world to ensure a responsible, fair relationship between grower and roaster. The beans are inspected throughout the growing and harvesting process, and again when they arrive onsite to ensure quality. Using the special technology of fluid air bed roasters, the beans are roasted to perfection. The key to ensuring that each cup of coffee is smooth and never bitter is to heat each bean evenly and carefully to avoid damage. The fluid air bed tosses the beans into the air as they roast, achieving that consistent roast on every single bean.

Science meets imagination to add variety to your flavored coffee cup. Door County Coffee partners with chemists to create a perfect flavor extract compound for each taste. Following the roast, beans are sent to the flavor tumblers to make over seventy unique varieties of flavored coffees.


Flavored Coffees from Door County Coffee & Tea

The Future is Flavored!

Flavored coffee consumption has been steadily rising, and we are proud to have offered you the best flavored coffees for the past 7 years. Flavors like Turtles in a Cup™, Almond Toffee, Frosting on the Cake, Pecan Cinnamon Ice Cream, and Highlander Grogg are only a few of the tastes that are popular with our guests.

Today coffee consumption is at an all-time high. Fun flavors and high-quality small batch products are here to stay. Door County Coffee and Egg Harbor Café love supporting local businesses and building our local economies while bringing you the quality items that you crave. Stop in your local Egg Harbor Café and ask your server for the flavored coffee of the day – add some joy to your java!


Egg Harbor, Wisconsin is just up the road from Door County Coffee