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Thank You, John Sasso

Congratulations and thanks to John Sasso, general manager at the Elmhurst location, who celebrates 20 years of dedicated service at Egg Harbor Café on April 22, 2019. It is a privilege to know and work with John. He is widely loved and admired for his skillful leadership, generous spirit and attention to detail. His care and commitment to guests and fellow employees have left an indelible mark in the restaurants where he has served – Hinsdale (for 14 years), Arlington Heights, The Glen, and for the past four years, Elmhurst.


Over the past months, John has been fighting Parkinson’s disease – and winning! With his trademark positivity and a combination of medicine, daily workouts, and strong support from co-workers, friends and family, John is making amazing strides and living his best life. He is happy to be working full-time alongside the guests, managers, servers and kitchen staff who are like family to him. Sandy, a server, loves the energy that John brings to his work. “He is positive and kind, and he cares about the customers,” she says. Parker from Elmhurst also affirms, “John is always there for a hello, a goodbye and an ‘I love you.’”

Egg Harbor Cafe owner Jack Wright has fond memories of John going all the way back to his early years. "At manager meetings, John always had great insights and something valuable to add to the conversation," Jack recalls.

Thank you, John, for your hard work and personal example. Egg Harbor Café is stronger because you have been with us for twenty years. We count on your smiling face as we move into the future together.