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Meet Tim Cook, Lincolnshire Restaurant Manager

Tim Cook, manager at the Egg Harbor Café in Lincolnshire, joined the team in 2015, while still a student commuting to Carthage College. From his first day on, Tim had fun working at EHC. As a manager, Tim now works to encourage and support his team so that they are in the best position to make sure that guests are having a great experience. Tim loves the culture at Egg Harbor Café, where people find happiness and fulfillment by helping others.


Tim’s love for energizing people led him to become a health and wellness leader at Egg Harbor. When Tim first arrived, he was a big college football player motivated to become healthier in body and mind. Encouraged by Egg Harbor Café values and trusting that doing one good thing each day adds up over time, Tim took up a healthy diet. He began losing weight and seeing a positive change in his energy levels, work performance and relationships. When his weight loss plateaued, Tim began exercising with Mark Palmieri, a regular guest at Lincolnshire who runs a nearby personal training studio. Over time, Tim’s journey inspired a group of Egg Harbor Café employees, and now they all train together with Mark every Monday for 30 minutes after work.

Tim enjoys spending free time with Tyson, his 7-year old boxer-shepherd mix. When asked who he admires most, Tim said, “My grandfather had a big heart and provided for 5 children and 17 grandchildren. He was our rock.” Tim’s favorite menu item is the Southwest Chicken Salad.