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Meet Bruce Jackson & Cesar Galvan from Lake Forest


Manager Bruce Jackson and server Cesar Galvan make sure that anyone stepping into Egg Harbor Café in Lake Forest feels like they're coming home. Bruce and Cesar know their guests well. They know multiple generations of family members, since together they have worked at Egg Harbor Café for all of 56 years (30 years for Cesar and 26 years for Bruce). And they care for them like family: “We’ve got the best customers in the world,” Bruce asserts.

First-time customers receive the same warm welcome as longtime friends. When Cesar greets folks at his tables, he can often spot new faces and enjoys offering service that surprises and delights them. For example, when someone asks, “What is good here?” Cesar doesn’t just suggest his favorite meals (the San Antonio Skillet and Chilaquiles), he asks them what kind of food they prefer… spicy, sweet, healthy? Then he offers a suggestion that matches their taste.

Many new guests come in from the Great Lakes Naval Base in North Chicago. Families come from all over the country, Bruce notes, and Mom and Dad encourage their recruits to return and bring their friends, once they know they’ll get a nutritious, delicious meal and warm welcome at Egg Harbor Cafe.

Bruce and Cesar have acquired much knowledge and wisdom about life at Egg Harbor over the years, and they use what they’ve learned to set an example for others. Bruce spends much of his day engaging and leading his teams, creating a positive environment and encouraging people to make steps toward success. Cesar tries to keep his fellow workers happy, and is especially good at taking new people under his wing, training them and jumping in to help when needed.

These days, Bruce is grateful for the little things that make his life and work special: his wife and five shih tzu dogs, phenomenal guests and his many years with Egg Harbor Café. Cesar enjoys life and work every day too: having fun on the job, trusting the goodness of others, spending time with his family and volunteering at church. Finally, Bruce and Cesar's team and guests are also grateful: for the loyalty and support that Bruce and Cesar bring to every day.