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Egg Harbor Cafe Introduces Big Shoulders Coffee


In line with our longtime commitment to partner with small, local businesses, we are excited to join with small roaster Big Shoulders in an impactful partnership. Big Shoulders Coffee is a Chicago-based, artisan roaster started by master chef Tim Coonan in 2010. In the past decade, they have risen to the top of the coffee-house field while still retaining the quality and service of a small batch roaster. This year, their fresh roasted coffee was awarded "Best Coffee in Illinois 2019" by Food & Wine.

We agree, and we’re thrilled to bring consistently tasty, thoughtfully sourced Big Shoulders Coffee to your table. Our very own Egg Harbor Roast is a medium-dark roast, medium body drink. Our rich full flavored and low acid coffee brings you cup flavors of chocolate, caramel and roasted nuts – for a memorable, mellow everyday blend.

The Caturra, Typica and Castillo coffee beans in your cup are sourced from farms in Colombia, Brazil, Honduras (altitude: 1750-2100 ft). Big Shoulders Coffee has developed personal relationships with the farmers in those regions, and the company roasts specifically to preserve the integrity and essence of the coffee beans that they grow. According to the company’s Linked In profile: “We strive to produce high quality coffee that celebrates the cultivator as well as the customer.”

Egg Harbor Cafe has nothing but gratitude for Intelligentsia and our long-standing partnership. We have been together since we were both quite small and have seen each other go on to new heights and move in new directions. We couldn’t be more excited to find a partner in Big Shoulders excited about taking Egg Harbor on to the next steps.

5 Things that We Love about Big Shoulders Coffee

  1. Big Shoulders Coffee was awarded “Best Coffee in Illinois 2019” by Food & Wine

  2. Big Shoulders Coffee has become the finest small, artisan roaster in Chicago

  3. Big Shoulders Coffee is collaborating with Egg Harbor Cafe to create a rich, full-flavored custom blend favored by Egg Harbor Café guests

  4. Big Shoulders Coffee builds direct relationships with coffee bean farmers to celebrate the grower and assure the highest quality bean

  5. Big Shoulders Coffee partners with our long-time distributor Chicagoland Beverage to provide Egg Harbor Cafe the very best training, education, service and equipment available.