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Door County Coffee, Artisan Flavors


A few miles south of Egg Harbor, Wisconsin, in a white clapboard building along scenic Highway 42, you’ll discover a bustling restaurant and gift shop, Door County Coffee and Tea. Widely known for crafting artisan coffees, this versatile family-owned business roasts, tumbles, grinds, packages and ships the exquisite flavored coffees served daily at Egg Harbor Café.

Vicki Wilson, president and founder of Door County Coffee and Tea, began roasting coffee in 1993, and the company remains family-owned, operating today as a popular restaurant, gift shop and roasting facility. Vicki is pictured with her son Doug, the company’s director of sales. Door County visitors are greeted warmly by service-oriented employees who clearly love their work and the small-batch coffees they craft.

Each cup of Door County Coffee begins with the finest 100% Specialty Class 1 Arabica beans. Visitors to the facility can observe the roasting process from large windows in the shop that view production Monday-Friday. Perfectly shaped green coffee beans go into a sparkling new roaster that can handle batches up to 5,000 pounds. Flavored coffees are gently tumbled for 25 minutes to spread the flavor evenly, then rest long enough for the flavors to permeate throughout. A delicious, high quality brew results.

Egg Harbor Café’s always-changing flavor-of-the-day coffee encourages our guests to enjoy the many varieties that Door County Coffee and Tea offer. Egg Harbor Café guests’ favorites include Jamaican Me Crazy, Chocolate Raspberry Truffle, Caramel Latte, Hazelnut Crème, all the seasonal choices… and more. Ask about today’s special flavor of Door County Coffee on your next visit to Egg Harbor Café!