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Creating Impact


In 2001, Jim Cadwell began working as a server at Egg Harbor Café in Glenview. He planned to move on to a new job in a few months, but instead he built a restaurant career. Egg Harbor Café provided Jim with management and leadership training, encouraged him to develop himself and empowered him to do what he loves best. Now general manager of Egg Harbor Café in Rockford, Jim looks forward to coming into work each day and helping create premium experiences for guests and staff alike.

Jim sees the positive side of situations wherever he goes. When asked if he has a favorite quote, Jim shares: “Life is 10% what happens to me and 90% how I react to it.” (Charles Swindoll) A team player with strong personal values, Jim motivates and supports his staff to do the best job they can, knowing that doing the next right thing will help individuals thrive while also creating a positive impact that is beyond the contribution of any one person.

Jim’s upbeat generosity recently expanded into the Rockford community. Jim learned that some of his children’s friends were being cared for by older siblings while their parents worked night shifts at a nearby plant. An avid griller, Jim invited the neighborhood kids for a Friday evening barbecue, and they all loved it. Every other Friday evening throughout the summer, Jim set up his grill, lawn chairs and tables in the front yard, and up to 35 young people, ages 6 – 20, gathered for hamburgers and hot dogs. Parents sent side dishes to round out the meal and no child was turned away. After dinner, high school athletes lobbed footballs to younger children, and all the kids played Ghost in the Graveyard until dark.

Jim says that these cookouts rewarded him more than anyone else, and he hopes to repeat them next summer “as long as the kids want it.” In a similar way, Jim loves being part of Egg Harbor Café, a company where great hospitality, quality and service impact people’s lives every day.

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