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Celebrating 30 Years


The first Egg Harbor Cafe opened in Hinsdale 30 years ago today! On Monday, December 28, help celebrate our anniversary in all 19 locations with 1985 prices on a special limited menu. Thank you to all our guests for making this anniversary possible!

EHC Trivia… Did You Know?

30 years ago, only one substitution was allowed: tomatoes could be substituted for potatoes. Today we are known for “customerization.”

30 years ago, eggceptionals were one of the most popular entrees, served with basted eggs. They are still popular today, but now you choose your egg style.

30 years ago, three of our most popular entrees were not even on the menu! Can you guess what they were? (soup, oatmeal and chicken salad)

30 years ago, we partnered with a small produce purveyor that we still use today. Geno from Get Fresh Produce has grown along with Egg Harbor Cafe.