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Athens Omelette Remembered


A recent storytelling competition in Lake Forest shed light on Egg Harbor Café’s simple but meaningful place in the life of a man who frequented the restaurant at the end of his days. In March 2015, Davis Schneiderman riveted the audience filling the Chapel at Lake Forest College with a raw account of his father’s final years suffering from brain cancer. As his first-prize winning story unfolded, Davis, Associate Dean of Faculty and Professor of English at Lake Forest College, invited listeners on a 2013 breakfast journey, where Davis helped tend to his father’s needs and move forward with their day after Philip slipped on a step at the Lake Forest Egg Harbor Café. Despite that disruptive tumble, Egg Harbor Café was overall a restaurant where Philip loved to see familiar faces and order his favorite meal (Athens Omelette, no artichoke) every week.

In 2011, Davis relocated his parents from St. Louis to the Lake Forest area while his father, once vibrant and outgoing, battled cancer. Egg Harbor Café in Lake Forest soon became a favorite destination, even as Phil’s already failing health continued to decline. The restaurant offered a weekly respite where managers and staff stopped by to check in and say hello, pouring a cup of kindness along with his favorite hot coffee.

Thank you for bringing your loved ones to Egg Harbor Café. Although we can’t address all the many challenges that face families who struggle with serious illness, we’re truly grateful and continue to strive to retain a place where comfort, kindness and good food touch the lives of people who visit.

Davis Schneiderman will teach Storytelling on Thursday mornings in June, this summer at Lake Forest College’s Writing by the Lake: Creative Writing Community Seminar.

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