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4 Reasons Why We Serve Free Range Eggs

1. Better Nutrition

Compared to eggs from caged hens, our free range eggs have: 1/3 less Cholesterol, 1/4 less Saturated Fat,
2/3 more Vitamin A, 2 times more Omega 3’s, 3 times more Vitamin E, and 7 times more Beta Carotine.

2. Food Safety

Free Range chicken farming is like a health and wellness program. Free range hens are far more likely to resist disease and salmonella than hens squeezed together in cages.

3. Support Small Family Farms

Mid-States Specialty Eggs provides a sustainable work environment and financially stable business opportunity for 162 Mennonite small family farms in Missouri and Arkansas.

4. Better for Animals and Environment

Our egg farms meet certified-humane standards and have pesticide-free and herbicide-free ground vegetation.

Where Do Our Eggs Come From? Come Tour a Free Range Hen Farm...

Egg Harbor Cafe serves 100% free range eggs sourced from small, certified humane, family-owned farms in Missouri and Arkansas (Mid-States Specialty Eggs). Happy hens, with room to roam and peck, lay large, brown eggs with unsurpassed taste and nutrition.