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100% Free Range Hens


Healthy, Certified Humane Eggs

Our free range hens are among the 5% of laying hens in the United States who are given outdoor access.

Beginning next week, 100% of our eggs will come from barn-living hens who have daytime access to roam outdoors. Our certified-humane, free range hens are fed a high quality, vegetarian diet containing no antibiotics or hormones.

Egg Harbor Café first introduced free range cracked-shell eggs in July 2015, and will transition to free range hens as our farm-to-table source for all egg dishes beginning the week of November 22. We are thrilled to partner with Vital Food Service, to support the farms raising free-range hens, and to provide our guests a premium, large brown egg with a rich yolk for great taste and nutrition.

According to United Egg Producers, less than 5% of the 300,000,000 laying hens in the United States are given outdoor access. The vast majority of these hens live their entire lives in cages, with no access to natural light, unable to move about or flap their wings. Another group of hens with no access to sunlight or fresh air are classified as cage-free hens. These birds exist in a henhouse and are given one square foot of space.

For eggs to be considered free range and certified humane, the farms sourced by Egg Harbor Cafe must meet the following requirements:

Outdoor Area
The outdoor area in our free-range systems ensures that the land around the barn does not become damaged, contaminated, or sodden. Chickens with access to range have access to a well-drained area for resting while outside the building.

Sufficient Exits
Our free-range hens have sufficient exit areas appropriately distributed around the building to ensure that all hens have ready access to the range, and each exit area allows the passage of more than one hen at a time.

Overhead Cover
Our free-range hens have access to overhead cover to reduce regular fear reactions to overhead predators.

A shelter protects hens from excessively cold temperatures or other adverse weather conditions. The shelters can accommodate all the hens to provide protection from wind, rain, and snow. In areas where excessive heat may be a problem, a shaded area that has sufficient space so that hens do not have to crowd together, risking further heat stress, is accessible to the birds.

With more sunshine and less stress, Egg Harbor Café’s free range hens are healthy and happy. Happy hens lay more delicious and nutritious eggs for our guests.