Egg Harbor Café restaurants are actively involved in our communities, hosting charity events, volunteering and donating gift certificates to local schools, park districts, religious institutions and nonprofit organizations. In addition, we are committed to partnering with socially responsible, locally-resourced companies, including Intelligentsia Coffee, Jones Dairy Farm, Sweet Ali’s Gluten Free Bakery. Deneen Pottery, Zapp's Dancing Grains, Pure Water Technology and Mid-States Specialty Eggs.

Looking forward to a happy and healthy 2018? Our carefully sourced, high quality menu offers many creative choices to keep you satisfied and on track. Here are five ideas to help you get started.


Wheat English muffin, Canadian bacon, avocado, tomato and scrambled cage free egg whites, topped with green salsa and Mozzarella cheese.

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Banana Bread French Toast. Topped with slice banana and powdered sugar

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1. Better Nutrition

Compared to eggs from caged hens, our free range eggs have: 1/3 less Cholesterol, 1/4 less Saturated Fat,
2/3 more Vitamin A, 2 times more Omega 3’s, 3 times more Vitamin E, and 7 times more Beta Carotine.

2. Food Safety

Free Range chicken farming is like a health and wellness program. Free range hens are far more likely to resist disease and salmonella than hens squeezed together in cages.

3. Support Small Family Farms

Mid-States Specialty Eggs provides a sustainable work environment and financially stable business opportunity for 162 Mennonite small family farms in Missouri and Arkansas.

4. Better for Animals and Environment

Our egg farms meet certified-humane standards and have pesticide-free and herbicide-free ground vegetation.

Where Do Our Eggs Come From? Come Tour a Free Range Hen Farm...

Egg Harbor Cafe serves 100% free range eggs sourced from small, certified humane, family-owned farms in Missouri and Arkansas (Mid-States Specialty Eggs). Happy hens, with room to roam and peck, lay large, brown eggs with unsurpassed taste and nutrition.

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Meet Will

Will is one of the many great employees who make Egg Harbor Cafe such a special place to visit and work. We'd love to talk with you about beginning your own journey at Egg Harbor Cafe!


The newest Egg Harbor Café opened January 28, 2017, in Stonewood Village at 4719 Lower Roswell Road, Marietta Georgia.

Guests at the East Cobb location will find all they have come to expect from Egg Harbor Café…

  • Amazing breakfast and lunch, great service and a lovely dining area.

  • Efficient, friendly service for business diners.

  • A children’s menu and coloring contest for families.

  • Intelligentsia coffee freshly brewed and brought to your table in a carafe.

  • Free range eggs

  • Authentic stone-ground grits.

  • Creative daily specials.

  • Delicious catering fare perfect for gatherings of any size.

  • Gluten free menu with gluten free pancakes and cinnamon rolls.

  • High-quality products from family-owned and operated businesses: Jones Dairy Farm, Natalie’s Orchid Island Juice, Sweet Ali’s Gluten Free Bakery, Deneen Pottery.


Happy Thanksgiving! All Egg Harbor Cafe locations will be closed on Thanksgiving Day, as we give thanks for all of the blessings in our lives. Among those blessings are our customers. We thank you for dining with us and allowing us to prepare memorable meals for your special occasions.

Egg Harbor Cafe is open 6:30 am – 2 pm as usual, before and after Thanksgiving day. We hope to see you today, and beginning again on Friday morning.


A new Egg Harbor Café opened on December 22, 2016, in a beautiful location at 2054 York Road in Oak Brook, IL. Owners Aimee and Mike Farrell have loved the Oak Brook area ever since they hatched the first Egg Harbor Café in nearby Hinsdale in December 1985. “We’ve had our eye on Oak Brook for many years,” said Aimee, “and we are thrilled to extend our reach into this vibrant community.”

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Egg Harbor Café’s all-natural bacon and sausage are made by Jones Dairy Farm in Ft. Atkinson, Wisconsin, a family business whose home-grown recipes have produced top quality products since 1889.

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Egg Harbor Cafe’s fall menu is filled with fall favorites – including Pumpkin Pancakes and Autumn Pumpkin Soup.


A few miles south of Egg Harbor, Wisconsin, in a white clapboard building along scenic Highway 42, you’ll discover a bustling restaurant and gift shop, Door County Coffee and Tea. Widely known for crafting artisan coffees, this versatile family-owned business roasts, tumbles, grinds, packages and ships the exquisite flavored coffees served daily at Egg Harbor Café.

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