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When thinking about a career at any new organization, it helps to see what existing employees have to say about their experiences. At Egg Harbor Cafe, we value our people as our #1 asset. Following are Egg Harbor Cafe managers and team members expressing why they chose to make Egg Harbor Cafe such a big part of their lives.


Taki Mullins

Naperville General Manager Taki Mullins looks forward to the opportunities and challenges that each new day brings. Since he began working at Egg Harbor Café in July 2007, Taki has encountered many unique situations in the various locations where he has worked, and he credits the great company culture for helping him to learn from each of those experiences. Having grown personally and professionally over the years, Taki believes that Egg Harbor Café offers a career path that develops leaders who lead by example to build great teams. Now, as general manager of a bustling, expanding location, Taki thrives on supporting his people with the same energy and values that motivated him. He is committed to working together with his co-workers to meet each guest’s needs by offering the best quality and service possible. Taki is confident that even if something goes wrong, the quality of his team can make it right. “If you follow your heart and do the right thing, you’ll be okay,” Taki says. Judging by the vibrant energy and comforting welcome at Egg Harbor Café Naperville, Taki’s team is creating the results that he desires. In his free time, Taki enjoys weightlifting, running, basketball and home improvement projects. Taki and his wife Cheryl live in Arlington Heights.

Doug and Radeance

Doug Hager’s arms open wide and his face beams a warm hello as he welcomes visitors by name. On a Friday morning in April, Egg Harbor Café in downtown Wheaton bustles with guests, from the city manager to volunteer groups, to clusters of families and friends, while Doug and his creative co-manager Radeance Fenske enjoy the ambiance.   Doug and Radeance believe that Egg Harbor Café is the place to see people in Wheaton, and the community connections that they’ve developed with their “AMAZING” regular customers and co-workers are the foundation for the restaurant’s quality and service. In addition, Doug and Radeance are energetic business-builders who like to go the extra mile every day, meeting and beating Egg Harbor Café company-wide standards and goals – whether serving a beverage in 1-3 minutes or helping an employee to succeed. They also thrive when trying something new. Doug’s years in restaurant management and Radeance’s background in banquets and cake decorating have contributed to a flourishing custom catering and event service that includes everything from small group meetings to elegant wedding receptions for 300 guests. (Doug hastens to add, “Call 630-221-0206 and talk with Doug and Radeance for your next catering order!”)   When not working, both managers love to spend time with their respective families. Doug and his wife Sharon enjoy a blended family with six children. A self-described “preacher’s kid,” Doug works with youth and ushers at his church. Radeance keeps busy with her seven brothers and sisters, exercising at the gym and gardening. When asked who they admire most, they both describe their parents, and they both affirm their large families for teaching them to love and respect many types of people and many different personalities.   That love for people shows every morning when they open the doors at the Wheaton Egg Harbor Café, refreshed and ready to see what the new day will bring.

Lisa Rozo

Lisa Rozo, general manager of Egg Harbor Cafe at The Glen, has a huge heart for quality ("giving my best and not settling for any less than the best I can do"), service ("making people feel like family") and atmosphere ("setting up the room like your friends are coming to your home for dinner"). Lisa began her career 12 years ago, hosting and serving at Egg Harbor Cafe in Glenview.

Carl Fine

Carl Fine thinks that Egg Harbor Cafe is a phenomenal place to make a career. Carl loves helping people realize their full potential and find inspiration in life, something that he does in his job every day. Exuding positive energy, Carl works as general manager at Egg Harbor Cafe in Arlington Heights. Along with co-manager Ivan Arriola, Carl oversees the restaurant to assure that everyone is performing at a high level, leaving happy, satisfied guests.


Doug and Radeance



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