Egg Harbor Café restaurants are actively involved in our communities. Each Egg Harbor Café is committed to our mission to “improve service in every sense” in the wider community by hosting events, contributing time and donating gift certificates to local schools, park districts, religious institutions and nonprofit organizations.

Just as Egg Harbor Café’s encouraging, rewarding environment fosters a sense of extended family for many Egg Harbor Cafe employees, our community involvement positively impacts the families, friends and neighbors around us. Our team members are dedicated to serving local charities and causes and making a positive difference in the world.

Egg Harbor Café Charitable Donations

Egg Harbor Café Charitable Donations

Every year, Egg Harbor Café is pleased to provide hundreds of gift certificates and contributions to silent auctions and raffles that support many charitable organizations in our communities.

Charitable Donation Process

All requests for charitable donations must:

* Be submitted at least 30 days before the event

* Be written as a formal solicitation letter

* Be written on the organization’s letterhead

* Include the date of the event

* Include a self-addressed envelope

You are welcome to send a donation request more than 30 days before your charitable event. Please be aware that all early requests will be placed on file, and the certificates will be mailed approximately 30 days before the event.

Mail requests to Egg Harbor Café’s corporate office:

HAMCO, Inc., 300 Village Green, Suite 200, Lincolnshire, IL 60069, Attn: Sharon Aylward

Manna Program

Though our Manna fundraising program, charitable organizations can purchase Egg Harbor Cafe gift cards at a reduced rate. The organizations can then sell the gift cards at full value and keep the difference in price for their group.

Learn More: The Manna Group Scrip Company – (847) 202-8442

Athens Omelette Remembered

A recent storytelling competition in Lake Forest shed light on Egg Harbor Café’s simple but meaningful place in the life of a man who frequented the restaurant at the end of his days. In March 2015, Davis Schneiderman riveted the audience filling the Chapel at Lake Forest College with a raw account of his father’s final years suffering from brain cancer…..

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Thank You, Veterans

Egg Harbor Café is pleased to offer a free meal on Veterans Day as a tribute to all the veterans and military who have served the United States. This year, we sat down and talked with US Army veterans Brendan Gleespen and Les lie Fiatte over breakfast at the Hinsdale Egg Harbor Café. They both served in the Army’s Psychological Operations Battalion (PSYOP) and Civil Affairs, Brendan in Iraq and Les during the Vietnam War….

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