Cheers to Chicagoland Beverage

Today we raise our coffee cups in a toast to CBC Specialty Beverage, Egg Harbor Café’s longtime partner in providing guests with the finest coffees and teas available. Chicagoland Beverage (CBC) regularly delivers fresh batches of custom-blended Intelligentsia coffee to our restaurants, and their highly-skilled service team installs and maintains the specialized equipment that brew our beverages. CBC also provides premium quality and service for our China Mist iced teas, Tiesta hot teas and hot chocolates.

Steve and Emily Gorelik co-founded CBC Specialty Beverage in 1989 and continue to head up the company, which now manages coffee and tea programs across 32 states. Recently, Steve talked about the consistently fresh and delicious coffee that Egg Harbor Café pours every day. It begins with Intelligentsia’s premium quality Direct Trade coffee, he shared. “When you buy an Intelligentsia Direct Trade coffee, you are doing more than fair trade. A Direct Trade partnership is one that is committed to the best environmental and social practices and ultimately leads to the very best in the cup. It rewards coffee growers for making great coffee.” With warehouses located just blocks from each other in Chicago, Intelligentsia delivers fresh coffee daily to CBC, who then distribute the product with loving care, treating it “like it is fresh-baked bread.”

Steve credits Egg Harbor Café for “being on the cutting edge with beverages, always trying something new to see what works best.” The espresso program that CBC is creating and supporting in several locations is just one example of Egg Harbor Café being an industry leader in specialty coffees. Along with Egg Harbor Café’s commitment and extraordinary service, CBC’s expertise and barista training are helping to make this possible.

At Chicagoland Beverage, customer service is a fundamental company value. When asked to comment on the best life lesson that he has learned so far, Steve doesn’t hesitate: “Treat people the way that you want to be treated.” Treating customers well helps business thrive, and he has worked hard to make CBC’s customer service the best, most reliable available. Beyond that, being part of other people’s growth and prosperity has brought great personal satisfaction to Steve and Emily. Their history of developing long-term employees and a recent initiative hiring two special needs workers affirm caring and service as a way of life for the Goreliks and CBC.

When not working, Steve and Emily enjoy playing golf, eating out and staying connected with their two college-aged children. You can often find them at the Lincolnshire EHC, no doubt sipping a hot coffee or tea as they enjoy their meal.